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The Future Looks Bright

The end of this year and the upcoming season look very promising for new game releases! With the game developers coming up with new and exciting material I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds.

Here are some new releases scheduled for late 2013 early 2014 that have sparked my interest.

Beyond: Two Souls. Oct 8 2013-PS3 Exclusive.

Is it just me or did Ellie in The Last of Us looks more like Ellen page than Ellen Page playing Jodie in Beyond: Two souls? Nonetheless this PS3 exclusive has my attention. With Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe acting in this psychological thriller I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. It’s coming from the makers of Heavy Rain so you can bet it will have a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat while making the player feeling pivotal to the outcome.

Assassins Creed: Black Flag. Oct 29 2013-PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U. Q3 2014-PS4/Xbox1/PC.

This looks amazing already! When the series first hit the scene I was intrigued and impressed. As the series continued to grow I started to lose interest. I found that by the third installment the poor writing, storyline, glitches, controls and repetitiveness had me pretty much believing the franchise would never recover. To me it was just too linear. So I truly hope with this new game they will prove all the skeptics wrong. I mean it’s about pirates. It’s pretty hard to not get excited about that. Also having your own ship, collectable shanties and a crew that will sing them to you sound like an epic adventure!

Elder Scrolls Online: Spring 2014-PC/PS4/Xbox1/OS X.

I think for many of us the fact that Skyrim was never developed to be a multiplayer game came as a disappointment. I personally said right from the first whisper of its development “It better have multiplayer”. However it’s still an amazing game. No question there. So it pleases me greatly that the MMORPG is on its way. From what’s been released so far it looks like everything we’ve been patiently waiting for.

Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. Aug 27 2013-PC/PS3. TBA 2014-PS4.

I still have hope for this one. After shutting down version 1.0 of FFXIV and pretty much scrapping most of the original game, what they have now looks a hundred times better. Fans have been waiting for what feels like forever for FF to get a proper MMORPG off the ground. I hope this delivers.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Summer 2013-PC/OS X/Linex.

Who doesn’t love when a game terrifies you?! I enjoyed the first one. Of course I’m also a big fan of anything horror related so that helps. The graphics look stunningly beautiful and creepy. I look forward to sitting in my dark bedroom with some headphones on squirming in my computer chair.

Batman: Arkham Origins: Oct 25 2013-PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U/PC.

Continuing with the Arkham series you can expect similar game play as it’s predecessor Batman: Arkham City. You can always expect some fun new gadgets such as the remote claw, cryptographic sequencer, the batarang and explosive gel. Also new to the game is a fast traveling system and multiplayer modes. This is definitely a must have!

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Q3 2014PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox1/PC.

Oh Bioware how you make me proud to be Canadian. Not too much is known about the upcoming Dragon Age game. I’ve heard it will be more open world and there will be a change to the combat system as well as more customization. The artwork looks absolutely beautiful. Looks and sounds good so far, excited to hear the release date!

MGSV: The Phantom Pain: Sep 20 2013-PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox1.

I find myself intrigued yet still saddened by the fact David Hayter is no longer working with Kojima. I still want to continue the story but I`m not sure what to expect when it comes to the voice acting. I`ve been a fan since the MGS series first started and love the over the top ridiculousness of it all. Tongue in cheek all the way.




Vancouver Fan Expo with David Hayter and Mark Meer

The end of the weekend has arrived! I am tired, sore and still have a shit eating grin on my face.

Two days spent walking around the Vancouver Convention Centre ended on a high note. I got to meet David Hayter from the Metal Gear Solid franchise and Mark Meer from Mass Effect. I cosplayed as Eva from MGS3 on the first day, April 20th but decided against it today. My feet couldn’t handle anymore of my army boots and if I’m not completely accurate with the costume I don’t see the point. First day was absolutely crazy when it came to attendance. As much as we said we’d be up early to get in line I didn’t arrive until noonish. Transit was absolutely packed full of people in all kinds of cosplay. Both the good and the bad. We spent about an hour and a half waiting to get inside. Just so we could spend all day standing in more lines haha… I was very happy to be the only one dressed up as Eva. I bet all the people walking around in Adventure Time costumes didn’t feel as original, and there were a lot. My best friend and I got to meet Micheal Rooker and get a picture signed. We ran into him again walking around outside on the second day, very nice man. After we got home we celebrated with pizza and beer followed by passing out shortly after.

Here are some pictures from the first day.

Got the last Metal Gear model in Vancouver!

Got the last Metal Gear model in Vancouver!Lego Hulk, I swear I was just trying to put my gloves on...

Lego Hulk, I swear I was just trying to put my gloves on…

2013-04-21 12.24.28



Day two I ditched the cosplay for more comfortable attire. I’m glad because I spent a good two hours waiting for Hayter. I brought my Calorie Mate and picked up a MGS comic book to be signed. Other people standing inline kept wanting/asking about the Calorie Mate, from my cold dead hands……. was pretty much my reply. Very hard thing to find if you don’t know where to look or speak Japanese. Hayter was impressed I found one at all. Second go around was definitely more enjoyable. We arrived at 11 am and there was no line to get in and a lot more breathing room. Only got into a couple squabbles over people stopping in the middle of high traffic areas but for the most part people were generally not as pushy. I lined up to see Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer who were both at the EP Daily booth but Jennifer ended up leaving at noon so I left the line to wander around. I ran into Mark later while killing some time. He was very friendly and we took some pictures and had a conversation about Tiny Plastic Men and Mass Effect. He gave me a stack to stickers, and who doesn’t like free stuff?! I saw him again later at the booth sitting beside Hayter. I wanted a picture with both of them in it but just as I got up to the front Mark was doing his best pee-dance and I couldn’t guilt him to into staying. I got my picture and stuff signed by Hayter and that’s what really mattered to me. I felt horrible for most of the people waiting to see him. He only had 2 hours to do signing/photos and he was about 20 minutes late to the booth. I came prepared as well as early, but most everyone didn’t and ended up missing out. The line wrapped around the booth about 3-4 times and he only got to about 150 of us. Just as I was next inline for Hayter one of the EP Daily staff said “No more pictures! We need to speed this up”. I had a “Well then they should have been here earlier huh?” moment but when I asked David he said to come stand by him for a picture anyways.  It was a great way to spend my vacation time away from work, with friends and nerding out at the same time. We all got what we came for and left very happy, tired and broke.

Day two pictures.

Some Walking Dead artwork my friend picked up.

Some Walking Dead artwork my friend picked up.

Mark Meer and I hanging out in a quieter area.

Mark Meer and I hanging out in a quieter area.

Our best Derp faces.

Our best Derp faces.

He was nice enough to ask for the correct spelling of my name.... no one ever gets it right.

He was nice enough to ask for the correct spelling of my name…. no one ever gets it right.

He gives some pretty wicked hugs.

He gives some pretty wicked hugs.

My signed copy of MGS comic. "War has changed...."

My signed copy of MGS comic. “War has changed….”

Calorie Mate "Mm... Tasty" .We shared a laugh over it.

Calorie Mate “Mm… Tasty” .We shared a laugh over it.

Tiny Plastic Men stickers Mark gave me.

Tiny Plastic Men stickers Mark gave me.

All in all it was a blast, can’t wait for next year. I will get back on the game reviews when things settle down, I still have friends crashing at my place. It’s back to work first thing in the morning!

2013 Vancouver Fan Expo *Squeeeee*

This is a very random caffeine fueled post – you’ve been warned.

*Mind blown*… so David Hayter just announced that he will be at the fan expo. Also a friend of mine knows Mark Meer personally *Voice of Commander Shepard Mass Effect* this will be epic!

It might be the coffee, it might be the fact that the Vancouver Fan Expo is next weekend and it might be that my pay cheque was 3 times the size it normally should be….. but I am really fucking excited!!!!

This will be my first year attending anything this nerdy. Last year was heartbreaking for me because David Hayter was there but due to starting a new job I was unable to attend. Also this year my bestie will be ending her bad-ass vacation by stopping in Vancouver to visit me for 3 days, it just so happens to be during the expo weekend. Could the gaming gods be any kinder to us?! She’s had a pretty awesome time too. Took the month off to travel to Louisiana then over to Texas to visit 3 friends of ours. These 3 friends we’ve known for about 5 years I wanna say…. We all met playing an mmo called Perfect World International. It’s amazing who you can meet online, the good and the bad. Boy oh boy do I’ve got some stories. These people are awesome and I really wish I could have tagged along! I may have to think about taking a trip down south in the future.

Ok so back to fan expo. I really wanted to get a costume and I might still have time. These were 3 that really interested me.

1) Mass Effect 3 Femme Shepard: Because come on she’s a ginger, I’m and ginger and she’s cool as shit…. but lets face it. I don’t have the time or the skills to make it. I also don’t have the time or the $1300 it would cost to buy it online. Maybe Halloween? Also… since I play online a lot I was thinking the Demolisher would be cool (she’s my fav)… might do that instead just to be different.


2) Zero Suit Samus: Yes I am a Metroid fangirl. Yes she’s over sexualized but I don’t care. My only concern was I’ve never worn anything made out of latex and I don’t know how forgiving it would be to someone as “curvy” as I.  Also with a week left ordering anything online is out of the question.

download (1)

3) Eva from MGS3: I think  I might be able to find everything I need here in Vancouver. I will start my hunt next Tuesday at the local army surplus stores! A tan flight suit, goggles and latex bikini shouldn’t be hard to find… the gun belt/bag might be a different story.

download (2)

If all else fails I will just wear my awesome 50’s party dress… I will stop there. I just realized how stereotypical I must sound *derp*.  I am very excited to let my nerd flag fly and I’m sure my best friend is too. Both my awesome roommates will be going for a least one day as well as my special guy “friend”. Might buy tickets to the Canadian Video Game awards show but I am definitely going to the expo after party hosted by The Ghostbusters of British Columbia. <—- Is it just me or do some of the guys in the picture look like they should be on Jersey Shore? (ok all of them minus the chick) It’s pretty much a video game inspired dance party fueled by copious amounts of alcohol. At this point I haven’t drank heavily it a longtime and my liver is practically virgin territory….so bring it on! If I do manage to get a costume together there will be pictures to follow.

Ah, social networking!

Cheers to my very first blog post!
My mission with this is to get started on writing game reviews. That’s my main focus anyways but to be more precise, android games. I may even crossover to apps!
All in good time, for now let the writing begin.

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