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Hello again world!

I apologize for the long, long time between post! It’s been a crazy busy summer thus far. How can I put this? Too many games, too little time. I love video games. I’m sure in my daily life it’s pretty obvious to most of the people around me. Considering most of them are nerds/geeks as well so they get it. Originally the idea behind this blog was to do short reviews on android based games. Which is still something that very much interests me, however recently my Samsung Galaxy S2 decided to freeze at the loading screen and I was forced to do a factory reset. There is something worse than losing all your pictures, numbers and personal data…. losing your game progress. I’ve also come to the sad realization that I desperately need to upgrade my phone.  It’s a piss off that in the year and a half that I’ve had my phone the S3 and S4 have come out. Unless you have a large expendable income it`s pretty hard to keep up. $600 to upgrade early? I think not.

That being said. Why should I limit my interests to just Android based games when so much is going on? I do love the name of my blog however and I don’t see that changing. There is a big wide world of platforms out there and I have an interest in most of them…

So what have I been doing? Well working the same mindless job 4 days a week, spending 2 days with my significant other and that leaves me 1 day a week to play a game or two. In the past 3 months I’ve filled my game time with all kinds. Including but not limited to: Path of Exile, Neverwinter, PWI, Torchlight2, Insomnia, WoT, Dragons Dogma, The Last of Us *mind blown*, Mass Effect (started over from the beginning now that the first game is available for ps3), Skyrim,  MGS HD Collection *always a favorite*, Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Now some of the reasoning behind the older titles is because of the fact I always seem to be behind when it comes to playing all the new releases. Not so much due to not knowing when the new stuff comes out but coming up with the time and more importantly the money to play them. But some of it’s due to replayability. Yes, I consider replayability a real word when referring to this topic. That’s my favorite part. The part that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy with a touch of nostalgia. Enjoying a game so much that even years after its release I still want to pop it in once in a while and try for those achievements I may have missed. That’s what makes certain games stand out above the rest. For me lately it’s been The Last of Us, MGS3, Mass Effect and Skyrim. That familiar whisper calling this geek back. Once in a while I’ll throw Black Ops 2 in when I’m feeling like getting some name calling and anger off my chest.

So what else is new? A close friend of mine from Australia who is now residing here in Vancouver, Canada is on his way to becoming a voice actor! I met him in April 2012 and after discovering our mutual appreciation of all things video games we’ve been friends ever since. He has done radio and audiobook related work back in Australia and is looking to get into the video game industry here in Canada and the U.S. Recently he picked up a really awesome role but unfortunately due to the fact that he has to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) I can’t talk details. What I can say is it’s every geeks dream, and it’s awesome! I’m truly excited to see where this takes him. He’s also started a blog tracking his adventures in the voice world. Please feel free to give it a read and a listen as he’s posted a short demo. He has been working on a proper demo that will be available asap.

Also I may have done some online geek shopping.

2013-07-17 17.46.18 2013-07-22 08.44.30

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend or long weekend if you reside in Canada! Hopefully I will come up with a new game review shortly.


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