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2013 Vancouver Fan Expo *Squeeeee*

This is a very random caffeine fueled post – you’ve been warned.

*Mind blown*… so David Hayter just announced that he will be at the fan expo. Also a friend of mine knows Mark Meer personally *Voice of Commander Shepard Mass Effect* this will be epic!

It might be the coffee, it might be the fact that the Vancouver Fan Expo is next weekend and it might be that my pay cheque was 3 times the size it normally should be….. but I am really fucking excited!!!!

This will be my first year attending anything this nerdy. Last year was heartbreaking for me because David Hayter was there but due to starting a new job I was unable to attend. Also this year my bestie will be ending her bad-ass vacation by stopping in Vancouver to visit me for 3 days, it just so happens to be during the expo weekend. Could the gaming gods be any kinder to us?! She’s had a pretty awesome time too. Took the month off to travel to Louisiana then over to Texas to visit 3 friends of ours. These 3 friends we’ve known for about 5 years I wanna say…. We all met playing an mmo called Perfect World International. It’s amazing who you can meet online, the good and the bad. Boy oh boy do I’ve got some stories. These people are awesome and I really wish I could have tagged along! I may have to think about taking a trip down south in the future.

Ok so back to fan expo. I really wanted to get a costume and I might still have time. These were 3 that really interested me.

1) Mass Effect 3 Femme Shepard: Because come on she’s a ginger, I’m and ginger and she’s cool as shit…. but lets face it. I don’t have the time or the skills to make it. I also don’t have the time or the $1300 it would cost to buy it online. Maybe Halloween? Also… since I play online a lot I was thinking the Demolisher would be cool (she’s my fav)… might do that instead just to be different.


2) Zero Suit Samus: Yes I am a Metroid fangirl. Yes she’s over sexualized but I don’t care. My only concern was I’ve never worn anything made out of latex and I don’t know how forgiving it would be to someone as “curvy” as I.  Also with a week left ordering anything online is out of the question.

download (1)

3) Eva from MGS3: I think  I might be able to find everything I need here in Vancouver. I will start my hunt next Tuesday at the local army surplus stores! A tan flight suit, goggles and latex bikini shouldn’t be hard to find… the gun belt/bag might be a different story.

download (2)

If all else fails I will just wear my awesome 50’s party dress… I will stop there. I just realized how stereotypical I must sound *derp*.  I am very excited to let my nerd flag fly and I’m sure my best friend is too. Both my awesome roommates will be going for a least one day as well as my special guy “friend”. Might buy tickets to the Canadian Video Game awards show but I am definitely going to the expo after party hosted by The Ghostbusters of British Columbia. <—- Is it just me or do some of the guys in the picture look like they should be on Jersey Shore? (ok all of them minus the chick) It’s pretty much a video game inspired dance party fueled by copious amounts of alcohol. At this point I haven’t drank heavily it a longtime and my liver is practically virgin territory….so bring it on! If I do manage to get a costume together there will be pictures to follow.


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