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Snake? Snake! Snaaaake!!!

Metal Gear franchise shows David Hayter the door….

by Leigh Peterson.

Sorry for being a tad dramatic but as a fan I find this upsetting. Metal gear solid was THE first game I ever owned for the first Playstation. To say that I’m disappointed David Hayter will not be voicing Snake in the upcoming MGSV is an understatement. Without him there IS no Solid Snake and I don’t see how the franchise will be able to survive after Hideo Kojima made the decision to replace him. I honestly believe this could kill the franchise, it’s already being met with fan outrage and threats of boycotting the release of the 5th installment. Hideo commented on the decision by saying  Hayter would not be reprising his role for the new game as the series needed a “fresh start”.

David Hayter tweeted the following remark regarding how he felt about the situation:

He also posted it on April fools which left a lot of people confused to whether or not we were being trolled. I was still holding out hope that it’s a prank and when the game is release we will hear his voice once again. However after watching EP Daily do an interview with David himself it has left me with little hope now. Is this another famous prank by Hideo Kojima? Please tell me this is the next Raiden…. I’d like to think we as the fans can take a joke, but now your just being cruel.

So will I be rushing out to buy the new game? Not until someone more hopeful gives it a shot first. This might be the only time I won’t be spoiler sensitive. They still have time to fix this as there is no release date for the new game. David strikes me as someone who loves the franchise very much and who was just as disappointed as the fans about the news. I highly doubt this would have anything to do with money or being hard to work with as an actor. An online petition has already sparked up on the web for fans looking to express their opinion to Kojima Productions.


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2 thoughts on “Snake? Snake! Snaaaake!!!

  1. This is just wrong. David Hayter’s voice is a large portion of why Snake works.
    Maybe they’re doing a different clone of Big Boss, who has a different voice like Solidus and Liquid Snake?

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