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New puzzle game with an rpg twist

10000000 by EightyEight Games brings something new to a classic style game.

by Leigh Peterson


What is it?

Think of it as a retro spin on popular puzzles games such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush. Except it’s not on facebook and you won’t be threatening to delete friends if they continue to spam you with game invites.  It utilizes the same mechanics of matching 3 or more of the same tiles to help you get combo moves and ultimately a high score. Unlike any of these games I’ve played in this one you have a little adventurer dude who you control based on which items you match. So lets say you run into a ogre! No problem just start matching any of the sword or wand tiles to fight your way past him. Also line up the boxes to get cool items like one use weapons or scrolls. Match keys to unlock boxes that block your path. The concept is easy after a few games. To make your adventurer dude even stronger, you collect  4  different items as you progress through the game. Gold, wood, stone and these purple diamonds things. These materials can be used to upgrade and level up everything in the game. This includes your sword, wand, and other random bonus stats. The bigger the combos the more you get!

2013-04-07 13.34.342013-04-07 13.42.18

Did I enjoy it?

Honestly I was pleasantly surprised. I was struggling this week to find something brand new to try out and later write a blog post about when I stumbled on this game. It’s another one that kept me up until 3 am because I just needed that last upgrade. I remember telling myself…. it’s ok this is for a review I’m doing, who needs sleep anyways? From what I’ve researched online about the makers of this game it appears to be their first release on Google play. I really enjoy it and still am. My breaks at work are usually spent bouncing around from game to game on my phone. This one still very much has my attention. I think mainly because there is this little box in the top with corner of the main screen that says your top score and another one that says 10000000 to freedom. So now we all know where the name came from. My high score is 1609136 so I still have a ways to go.

Would I suggest it?

Big thumbs up from me. Currently its $1.99 on the Google play store and I think the price is a steal. I have never been a fan of puzzle games but this one brings the rpg feel which I really love about it. It’s simple pixelated fun! It requires Android 2.1 or higher and from the trailer I’ve attached below it looks like there is a version for tablet users.


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