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Vancouver Fan Expo with David Hayter and Mark Meer

The end of the weekend has arrived! I am tired, sore and still have a shit eating grin on my face.

Two days spent walking around the Vancouver Convention Centre ended on a high note. I got to meet David Hayter from the Metal Gear Solid franchise and Mark Meer from Mass Effect. I cosplayed as Eva from MGS3 on the first day, April 20th but decided against it today. My feet couldn’t handle anymore of my army boots and if I’m not completely accurate with the costume I don’t see the point. First day was absolutely crazy when it came to attendance. As much as we said we’d be up early to get in line I didn’t arrive until noonish. Transit was absolutely packed full of people in all kinds of cosplay. Both the good and the bad. We spent about an hour and a half waiting to get inside. Just so we could spend all day standing in more lines haha… I was very happy to be the only one dressed up as Eva. I bet all the people walking around in Adventure Time costumes didn’t feel as original, and there were a lot. My best friend and I got to meet Micheal Rooker and get a picture signed. We ran into him again walking around outside on the second day, very nice man. After we got home we celebrated with pizza and beer followed by passing out shortly after.

Here are some pictures from the first day.

Got the last Metal Gear model in Vancouver!

Got the last Metal Gear model in Vancouver!Lego Hulk, I swear I was just trying to put my gloves on...

Lego Hulk, I swear I was just trying to put my gloves on…

2013-04-21 12.24.28



Day two I ditched the cosplay for more comfortable attire. I’m glad because I spent a good two hours waiting for Hayter. I brought my Calorie Mate and picked up a MGS comic book to be signed. Other people standing inline kept wanting/asking about the Calorie Mate, from my cold dead hands……. was pretty much my reply. Very hard thing to find if you don’t know where to look or speak Japanese. Hayter was impressed I found one at all. Second go around was definitely more enjoyable. We arrived at 11 am and there was no line to get in and a lot more breathing room. Only got into a couple squabbles over people stopping in the middle of high traffic areas but for the most part people were generally not as pushy. I lined up to see Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer who were both at the EP Daily booth but Jennifer ended up leaving at noon so I left the line to wander around. I ran into Mark later while killing some time. He was very friendly and we took some pictures and had a conversation about Tiny Plastic Men and Mass Effect. He gave me a stack to stickers, and who doesn’t like free stuff?! I saw him again later at the booth sitting beside Hayter. I wanted a picture with both of them in it but just as I got up to the front Mark was doing his best pee-dance and I couldn’t guilt him to into staying. I got my picture and stuff signed by Hayter and that’s what really mattered to me. I felt horrible for most of the people waiting to see him. He only had 2 hours to do signing/photos and he was about 20 minutes late to the booth. I came prepared as well as early, but most everyone didn’t and ended up missing out. The line wrapped around the booth about 3-4 times and he only got to about 150 of us. Just as I was next inline for Hayter one of the EP Daily staff said “No more pictures! We need to speed this up”. I had a “Well then they should have been here earlier huh?” moment but when I asked David he said to come stand by him for a picture anyways.  It was a great way to spend my vacation time away from work, with friends and nerding out at the same time. We all got what we came for and left very happy, tired and broke.

Day two pictures.

Some Walking Dead artwork my friend picked up.

Some Walking Dead artwork my friend picked up.

Mark Meer and I hanging out in a quieter area.

Mark Meer and I hanging out in a quieter area.

Our best Derp faces.

Our best Derp faces.

He was nice enough to ask for the correct spelling of my name.... no one ever gets it right.

He was nice enough to ask for the correct spelling of my name…. no one ever gets it right.

He gives some pretty wicked hugs.

He gives some pretty wicked hugs.

My signed copy of MGS comic. "War has changed...."

My signed copy of MGS comic. “War has changed….”

Calorie Mate "Mm... Tasty" .We shared a laugh over it.

Calorie Mate “Mm… Tasty” .We shared a laugh over it.

Tiny Plastic Men stickers Mark gave me.

Tiny Plastic Men stickers Mark gave me.

All in all it was a blast, can’t wait for next year. I will get back on the game reviews when things settle down, I still have friends crashing at my place. It’s back to work first thing in the morning!


New ink!!


2013 Vancouver Fan Expo *Squeeeee*

This is a very random caffeine fueled post – you’ve been warned.

*Mind blown*… so David Hayter just announced that he will be at the fan expo. Also a friend of mine knows Mark Meer personally *Voice of Commander Shepard Mass Effect* this will be epic!

It might be the coffee, it might be the fact that the Vancouver Fan Expo is next weekend and it might be that my pay cheque was 3 times the size it normally should be….. but I am really fucking excited!!!!

This will be my first year attending anything this nerdy. Last year was heartbreaking for me because David Hayter was there but due to starting a new job I was unable to attend. Also this year my bestie will be ending her bad-ass vacation by stopping in Vancouver to visit me for 3 days, it just so happens to be during the expo weekend. Could the gaming gods be any kinder to us?! She’s had a pretty awesome time too. Took the month off to travel to Louisiana then over to Texas to visit 3 friends of ours. These 3 friends we’ve known for about 5 years I wanna say…. We all met playing an mmo called Perfect World International. It’s amazing who you can meet online, the good and the bad. Boy oh boy do I’ve got some stories. These people are awesome and I really wish I could have tagged along! I may have to think about taking a trip down south in the future.

Ok so back to fan expo. I really wanted to get a costume and I might still have time. These were 3 that really interested me.

1) Mass Effect 3 Femme Shepard: Because come on she’s a ginger, I’m and ginger and she’s cool as shit…. but lets face it. I don’t have the time or the skills to make it. I also don’t have the time or the $1300 it would cost to buy it online. Maybe Halloween? Also… since I play online a lot I was thinking the Demolisher would be cool (she’s my fav)… might do that instead just to be different.


2) Zero Suit Samus: Yes I am a Metroid fangirl. Yes she’s over sexualized but I don’t care. My only concern was I’ve never worn anything made out of latex and I don’t know how forgiving it would be to someone as “curvy” as I.  Also with a week left ordering anything online is out of the question.

download (1)

3) Eva from MGS3: I think  I might be able to find everything I need here in Vancouver. I will start my hunt next Tuesday at the local army surplus stores! A tan flight suit, goggles and latex bikini shouldn’t be hard to find… the gun belt/bag might be a different story.

download (2)

If all else fails I will just wear my awesome 50’s party dress… I will stop there. I just realized how stereotypical I must sound *derp*.  I am very excited to let my nerd flag fly and I’m sure my best friend is too. Both my awesome roommates will be going for a least one day as well as my special guy “friend”. Might buy tickets to the Canadian Video Game awards show but I am definitely going to the expo after party hosted by The Ghostbusters of British Columbia. <—- Is it just me or do some of the guys in the picture look like they should be on Jersey Shore? (ok all of them minus the chick) It’s pretty much a video game inspired dance party fueled by copious amounts of alcohol. At this point I haven’t drank heavily it a longtime and my liver is practically virgin territory….so bring it on! If I do manage to get a costume together there will be pictures to follow.

Snake? Snake! Snaaaake!!!

Metal Gear franchise shows David Hayter the door….

by Leigh Peterson.

Sorry for being a tad dramatic but as a fan I find this upsetting. Metal gear solid was THE first game I ever owned for the first Playstation. To say that I’m disappointed David Hayter will not be voicing Snake in the upcoming MGSV is an understatement. Without him there IS no Solid Snake and I don’t see how the franchise will be able to survive after Hideo Kojima made the decision to replace him. I honestly believe this could kill the franchise, it’s already being met with fan outrage and threats of boycotting the release of the 5th installment. Hideo commented on the decision by saying  Hayter would not be reprising his role for the new game as the series needed a “fresh start”.

David Hayter tweeted the following remark regarding how he felt about the situation:

He also posted it on April fools which left a lot of people confused to whether or not we were being trolled. I was still holding out hope that it’s a prank and when the game is release we will hear his voice once again. However after watching EP Daily do an interview with David himself it has left me with little hope now. Is this another famous prank by Hideo Kojima? Please tell me this is the next Raiden…. I’d like to think we as the fans can take a joke, but now your just being cruel.

So will I be rushing out to buy the new game? Not until someone more hopeful gives it a shot first. This might be the only time I won’t be spoiler sensitive. They still have time to fix this as there is no release date for the new game. David strikes me as someone who loves the franchise very much and who was just as disappointed as the fans about the news. I highly doubt this would have anything to do with money or being hard to work with as an actor. An online petition has already sparked up on the web for fans looking to express their opinion to Kojima Productions.

New puzzle game with an rpg twist

10000000 by EightyEight Games brings something new to a classic style game.

by Leigh Peterson


What is it?

Think of it as a retro spin on popular puzzles games such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush. Except it’s not on facebook and you won’t be threatening to delete friends if they continue to spam you with game invites.  It utilizes the same mechanics of matching 3 or more of the same tiles to help you get combo moves and ultimately a high score. Unlike any of these games I’ve played in this one you have a little adventurer dude who you control based on which items you match. So lets say you run into a ogre! No problem just start matching any of the sword or wand tiles to fight your way past him. Also line up the boxes to get cool items like one use weapons or scrolls. Match keys to unlock boxes that block your path. The concept is easy after a few games. To make your adventurer dude even stronger, you collect  4  different items as you progress through the game. Gold, wood, stone and these purple diamonds things. These materials can be used to upgrade and level up everything in the game. This includes your sword, wand, and other random bonus stats. The bigger the combos the more you get!

2013-04-07 13.34.342013-04-07 13.42.18

Did I enjoy it?

Honestly I was pleasantly surprised. I was struggling this week to find something brand new to try out and later write a blog post about when I stumbled on this game. It’s another one that kept me up until 3 am because I just needed that last upgrade. I remember telling myself…. it’s ok this is for a review I’m doing, who needs sleep anyways? From what I’ve researched online about the makers of this game it appears to be their first release on Google play. I really enjoy it and still am. My breaks at work are usually spent bouncing around from game to game on my phone. This one still very much has my attention. I think mainly because there is this little box in the top with corner of the main screen that says your top score and another one that says 10000000 to freedom. So now we all know where the name came from. My high score is 1609136 so I still have a ways to go.

Would I suggest it?

Big thumbs up from me. Currently its $1.99 on the Google play store and I think the price is a steal. I have never been a fan of puzzle games but this one brings the rpg feel which I really love about it. It’s simple pixelated fun! It requires Android 2.1 or higher and from the trailer I’ve attached below it looks like there is a version for tablet users.

Growing up on pixels

By: Leigh Peterson.

So I was browsing the Playstation store the other day when I came across some old PS one games. It got me feeling a bit nostalgic and also reminded me of my first console. Now technically it wasn’t my first console. I had my older cousins hand-me-down Nintendo. Complete with Duck Hunt, 1942, Bomberman II, Dr. Mario, Jeopardy, and a whole box of other goodies. A friend of mine also had the brand new Super Nintendo and Sega. So I had been playing video games for about 6 years before I bought my own console.

It was 1998 and I was 12 years old. I had wanted a PS ever since it’s release in North America back in 1995. At the time I was living with my father and I started asking if I could have one for my birthday or Christmas. Money was beyond tight but I had time to wait, the console was around for 9 years and they continued to make games for it even after PS2 came onto the scene. Unfortunately for me my father was about to teach me one of those life lessons that goes along the lines of “Nothing in this life is free and if you want something you better be prepared to work hard for it”. He didn’t word it so nicely however. So I got started that summer. My mission was to save enough money to buy it and hopefully get some hours in before grade 8 started. My father worked at a shipyard here in Vancouver on the Fraser river at the time. I spent that whole summer helping him at work. Can you imagine that nowadays? A 12 year old girl hanging out at a dry dock, driving the forklift, exploring huge cargo ships while they were in for repairs. Looking back it was pretty rad and a little dangerous. I have always been a little different when it comes to what I find interesting. I loved being in places I wasn’t allowed and doing things that none of my friends would do. Getting so dirty I’d take two showers a day and still couldn’t get my hands completely clean. But you know what… I got that console. I got that console on my own and I got to play it whenever I wanted.

I remember the day we went and picked it up. I can’t remember the exact cost but it was close to the $200 mark at the time. We took it home and tried to hook it up only to find out that our TV was too old to support A/V plugs. I am pretty sure a small fit followed that but we went out the next day and got an adapter. The console came with one demo disc and I still to this day remember all the games on it. Metal Gear Solid, Midevil, Grand Turismo, Spyro, Ridge Racer and Tomb Raider 3. The two that really hooked me were MGS and GT. I continued working and bought them both later that year and so started my love affair with video games.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working random jobs just to pay the bills. It only dawned on me in the last couple years that I should be involved in something I truly love and am passionate about. Since I’ve never cared about making a fool of myself now is as good a time as any to let my nerd flag fly. I started looking into school programs. The new fad in art schools is video game design. I was pretty excited at first but very quickly realized it wasn’t for me. They will say/do anything to get you enrolled even if you are nowhere near ready. I like the story telling and character development side of video games. I didn’t like being yelled at by my neurotic scripting teacher on our first Java script class about how much we will hate it and how most of us won’t pass. I think writing might be my portal into the business if I focus on it and take some creative writing classes. Time will tell.

Tower Defense Gem

Castle TD: Android’s very own version of Kingdom Rush.

by Leigh Peterson


Castle TD by Elite Games the same people who made Lair Defense: Dungeon & Shrine.

What is it?

This is a very well made tower defense/strategy based game that’s full of endless hours of just trying to complete that one map that’s been driving you crazy but its 5 am and I should really be sleeping…. kind of game.

So here’s the deal. It’s like most TD type games – waves upon wave of enemies make their way from one end of the map to the other. Your job is to dispose of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Players get a choice of 4 tower types. Bunker, Lab, Fort and Cannons. Now where you place these towers is limited to both where on the map allows you and how much coin you have to start with. Each tower can be upgraded down two separate paths which gives the player many different choices and styles of strategic genius. This definitely is a challenging game. It’s all about trial and error, without feeling like you got cheated. If one plan falls through just keep on trying. It can be a frustrating grind to get all your tower and abilities upgraded but isn’t that exactly what we love about TD? That moment when your desperately using every trick you’ve got and somehow manage to survive with one life left.

2013-03-31 16.09.27

2013-03-31 13.43.32

Did I enjoy it?

I am addicted to the tower defense/strategic style games for any platform. Over the past year that I’ve owned my Samsung Galaxy SII LTE I’ve come across some real gems for Android. So far this it’s right up there at the top of my list. The cute cartoony vibe, polished mechanics and replay value is what kept me amused for hours. Also, did I mention it’s completely FREE? I am sure like all “free” games you can bust out the credit card and buy your way but I don’t see the challenge in that.

Do I suggest it?

Indeed I do. All in all it’s a well-balanced quality game. My only beef with the game was when I left a match mid go to check a text or make a call the game would start from the beginning. Other than that I had no technical problems. This is a game that could easily sell on the play store for $2.99. Download it and give it a go! Even if strategy games aren’t your thing what do you have to lose with a free game? You might even get hooked.

Overall I give it a 8.5/10.

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